Who we do it for

Having worked in drug discovery and development ourselves we know that small projects, because they are extremely valuable to the client, need special treatment and care in data interpretation. As a laboratory which focuses on this type of study we can run studies rapidly and find time to discuss the results with the client one-to-one with the scientist involved.

Our clients include SMEs, university groups and other research groups. These groups are experts in their areas, but not in analysis, and discussions with us adds value since it can help them to design the right experiment to answer their questions.

In a customer satisfaction survey the respondents were very satisfied with our service and thought that the quality of support compared very favourably with their other service providers.

Previous bioanalytical projects undertaken by Q3 Analytical

1. Pre-clinical support for a pharma SME. We supported all the cellular pharmacology work and initial PK studies. The cellular support was the analysis of cell pellets and media to show that the drug had entered the cells. Metabolic stability and protein binding studies were also carried out by Q3.
2. Support for toxicity studies in zebrafish. The client was testing the toxicity of compounds in zebrafish fry and we analysed the fry to help them titrate toxicity against concentration of the drug in the fry.
3. Plasma and tissue analytical support for studies of the tissue distribution of antibiotics after various methods of administration.
4. PK analysis for a client who is undergoing non-regulated preclinical development of compounds.
5. Development of a chiral assay for an endogenous compound using derivatisation and LC-MS.
6. Amino acid analysis for a client looking for changes in certain amino acids.

In total we have worked with 15 different clients on over 330 different projects since 2008 and a client survey that we carried out showed that clients were very satisfied with our service and the quality of our support. Comments included ‘friendly, helpful and reliable’ and ‘when I phone I talk directly to the expert’.

Q3 Analytical provides non-regulated bioanalytical support by carrying out drug discovery, research and support within the UK’