Drug discovery

Drug discovery

For companies without their own bioanalytical function we can provide bioanalysis for one off, ad hoc or routine in-vivo pharmacokinetic (PK) studies or samples generated by our clients own in-house screening programmes. We have carried out bioanalysis of zebrafish (Danio rerio) samples for our clients after pharmacology or toxicology studies.

If you wish to prioritise your valuable in-house resources we can provide a wide variety of in-vitro ADME screening assays using commercially available tissue fractions and reagents.

We provide support for pharmacokinetic studies from formulation to report or any part thereof as required.

We are very experienced in the set up and analysis of cassette dose based studies.

We aim to provide you with the same support that you get from an in-house team and be your ‘laboratory down the corridor’.

Q3 Analytical provides non-regulated bioanalytical support by carrying out drug discovery, research and support within the UK’