About us

Based at Porton Down, Wiltshire and adjacent to Public Health England (PHE) and Dstl, Q3 Analytical Ltd was founded specifically to provide non-regulated bioanalytical support for small pharmaceutical companies carrying out drug discovery and research.

The business is led by Neil Burton who has extensive analytical experience gained from posts in pharmaceutical R&D, biotech, academia, manufacturing and CROs, particularly in the fields of bioanalysis and DMPK.

Here’s a message from Neil…

“We’re lucky, we work at what we love – science. We also get great satisfaction in helping other people with what we do.

An experienced, innovative, reliable, conscientious and, above all, friendly bioanalytical team. We help small start up pharma companies or university groups, who have no analytical support, through their early non-regulated studies by working as their ‘laboratory down the corridor’.

Having worked in Pharmaceutical industry we understand the importance of getting these initial studies carried out quickly and cost effectively and, even though they are small projects, that their importance to the client is immense.

Communication is the most important part of a business relationship, so we advocate an open and honest relationship with our clients regarding the progression of studies. This approach underpins the culture of Q3.

We look forward to being of service and helping to drive your projects forward…”